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10 december 2020

Our 2020 milestones

Iris van de Looij,
managing director

The DUFAS team wishes you happy holidays and warmest wishes. We would like to take this opportunity to take a brief look back at our 2020 milestones.

Decided to continue without office

In June we issued a special press release: DUFAS chose to continue without a permanent office. The working from home situation directly had a positive effect on the environment and solved the traffic jams. We decided, we did not want to go back to what was considered ‘normal’. Besides, saying goodbye to a permanent office appeared to be a good way to fulfil the promises we made by signing the Climate Commitment of the Dutch financial sector. By taking this step we hope to inspire others. 

Fijtsia van Pelt,
manager tax & regulatory affairs

Achieved lobby results on box 3 plans

Together with other associations we lobbied for changes in wealth taxation this year. In September it became clear the lobbying has been effective. State secretary Mr. Vijlbrief announced the original proposals are off the table and he will come up with a new plan. The preference of the sector is to change to a system based on actual returns. That will be a technical challenge for several parties involved. However, we hope to make steps forward on this file in 2021. 


Randy Pattiselanno,
manager strategy & regulatory affairs

Handled a huge wave of EU sustainable files

It has been a very busy year for European sustainability files and consultations. DUFAS has been able to provide a platform where members could learn, share, discuss and react to these files. We created a knowledgeable community of sustainability and legal experts. Expert groups were created for NFRD, SFDR and the EU Ecolabel. The expert groups agreed on some clear viewpoints and opinions that have been put forward to relevant stakeholders.

Maurits Heldring,
consultant climate change & sustainability a.i.

Framework for climate commitment reporting  

This year we worked on our reporting obligation for the Climate Commitment of the financial sector. Together with other associations, ministries of Finance and Economic Affairds &Climate Policy and KPMG, we delivered a first set of reports to the Dutch government. IDUFAS members provided useful input during the process. The reports contain an overview or methods to measure carbon emissions and a detailed reporting framework for the coming years. In 2021 signatories of the commitment, including DUFAS members, will use this framework to report on their climate impact.

Pieter Veldhuizen, 
manager public affairs a.i.

We continued to advocate and educate

Despite the COVID measures, we managed to stay in touch with politicians and their staff on topics of importance. We lobbied on the box 3 proposals but also on several topics relating sustainable investments. We organized education sessions and have been active to explain the challenges of the sector by implementing sustainable measures with limited availability of ESG data. 

Emilie Steeman,
office & HR manager

Larger outreach among members

With a new CRM system we can easily manage information preferences of our members. During 2020 we increased the number of contacts among our members. The number of subscribers to our mailing list of our newsletter even increased by 75%. Currently, 625 people receive bi-weekly updates of news and our activities. This is an important result, as it enables us to reach a larger part of our members and stakeholders. 

Minke Hoff, 
communication advisor a.i.

New corporate identity and website

Since the autumn of 2020, DUFAS has a different look and feel: we have renewed our logo and corporate identity. We are using more colors than before, to reflect the diversity of our industry. You will come across our new look and feel on our website, in our presentations, on LinkedIn and in our newsletter. And of course, in our 2020 released members network. You can log-in via the button at the top right of our website. Our committees and expert groups are using the members network to store and share documents.


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